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Beginner Bb Trumpets

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Yamaha YTR-2330 Bb Trumpet
Web Price: 454.05
In Stock
Yamaha YTR-2330S Bb Trumpet
Web Price: 527.65
Out of Stock - Please Call
Elkhart 100TR Student Bb Trumpet - Lacquered
Web Price: 194.00
Out of Stock - Please Call
Elkhart 100TRS Student Bb Trumpet - Silver Plated
Web Price: 245.75
Out of Stock - Please Call
Rosetti Series 5 Bb Trumpet - Lacquered
Web Price: 217.25
Out of Stock - Please Call
Bach Prelude TR710S Bb Trumpet - Silver Plated
Web Price: 357.80
Out of Stock - Please Call
Jupiter JTR500Q Bb Trumpet
Web Price: 418.00
Out of Stock - Please Call
Jupiter JTR700Q Bb Trumpet
Web Price: 490.40
Out of Stock - Please Call
Yamaha YTR-3335 Bb Trumpet
Web Price: 596.60
In Stock
Yamaha YTR-3335S Bb Trumpet
Web Price: 683.95
Out of Stock - Please Call

Buying a Cheap Trumpet just to Start off with?

Here at Alan Gregory Music & Musical Instruments not only will you receive excellent advice from our experts, but you will also have the opportunity to purchase an efficient instrument with which you will be able to learn and develop your technique.

You may well spot 'bargains' elsewhere but from experience we have found that what might seem a bargain at first might actually put you at a disadvantage and may cost you more in the long run.......

Instruments at the lower end of the price range are without doubt more difficult to play. This makes the task of learning an instrument much more difficult.

Some cheaper imported instruments are expensive to maintain - parts may not be readily available and the component parts from which the instrument is made may be weak and prone to damage easily. As such they become un-economical to repair.

The effective lifespan of instruments bought from cheaper suppliers is much less than instruments manufactured by professional companies who have a proven record of supplying instruments which last for decades. This is partly due to cheaper components being used to make the instrument.

Due to all of the above reasons instruments bought cheaply will not really hold their value and if you are lucky enough to find a buyer, customer satisfaction post-sale will be extremely difficult to achieve.

Ultimately and especially at student level, a better instrument will make the task of learning an instrument a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

Ergonomic design makes the instrument easier to hold. Experienced and informed fabrication makes instruments easier to play. Accurate intonation enhances the sound for both the player and the listener.

All the above make your job a whole lot easier so that you can focus on the main priority - making music and enjoyment for all concerned.

If however, you do not feel you (or your child) can make a long term commitment to learning an instrument, we offer a number of schemes: -

Please feel free to have a look at our Student Start Up Schemes