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Reeds For Sale at our Online Music Shop & Manchester Music Shop

Welcome to Alan Gregory Music & Musical Instruments Reed Department. We pride ourselves on offering expert advice and the lowest prices available on a large selection of Reeds for all Clarinets, all Saxophones, Oboes and Bassoons.

We have a wide selection of available for sale or to order including Bb/A Clarinet Reeds, Bass Clarinet Reeds, Eb Clarinet Reeds, Alto Clarinet Reeds, Contra Clarinet Reeds, Alto Sax Reeds, Tenor Sax Reeds, Soprano Sax Reeds, Baritone Sax Reeds, Sopranino Sax Reeds, Bass Sax Reeds, Oboes Reeds and Bassoons Reeds.

Whether you are looking for a Reed for Classical playing or a Reed for Jazz playing we should have one to suit all needs, Mouthpieces and Ligatures.

Whether you are looking for a Beginner, Student, Intermediate or Professional Reed we have an excellent choice of different Strengths from Vandoren, Rico, V16, Java, Rico Royal, Grand Concert, Alexander, La Voz, Frederick L. Hemke, Mitchell Lurie, Plasticover, Jazz ZZ and Jazz Select. We also have an excellent selection of Reed Cases and Reed Vaults or Hygro Cases.

Please use the links above to view the selection of Reeds which are For Sale at either the Retail Music Shop in Manchester or here at the Online Music Shop.

Looking for a particular Reed not listed in the sections above? Then please feel free to Contact us on 0161 445 4466.

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